É亚博论坛22;搏网页登录防暴游戏技术博客新闻饲料 Tech Blog是Riot的机会,开始与工程界的对话有关开发以播放球员为中心的技术。亚搏网站https://亚搏亚博论坛;网站www.areyouunderpaid.com/ EN. Fri,11月06日11月10:09:11 -0800 星期二,11月10日11:18:38 -0800 利用Golang进行游戏开发和运营 https://亚搏亚博论坛;网站technology.roiotgames.com/news/leveraging-golang-game-development-and-operations.

Hi, my name is Aaron Torres and I’m an engineering manager for the Riot Developer Experience team. We accelerate how game teams across Riot develop, deploy, and operate their backend microservices at scale - globally. I’ve been at the company for a little over 3 years and I’ve been writing Go code that entire time. In this article, we’ll be specifically looking at how a few different teams use Go. I’ll be tagging in two technologists - Chad Wyszynski from RDX Operability and Justin O’Brien from VALORANT - to discuss how they use Go for their projects.

116在https://tec亚搏亚博论坛;网站hnology.riotgames.com. Fri,11月06日11月10:09:11 -0800 É亚博论坛22;搏网页登录防暴游戏技术博客新闻饲料 Aaron Torres与Chad Wyszynski&Justin O'Brien
骚乱游戏É亚博论坛22;搏网页登录如何使用松弛 https://亚搏亚博论坛;网站www.areyouunderpaid.com/news/how-riot-games-uses-slack.

I’m Byron Dover, engineering manager for information technology at Riot, and I lead the team responsible for developing enterprise software at Riot - or as we sometimes call it, Riot’s Operating System. I’m excited to share a look at how Riot integrates with Slack to support the game development lifecycle.

115在https://tec亚搏亚博论坛;网站hnology.riotgames.com 星期二,13日10月20日10:00:00 -0700 É亚博论坛22;搏网页登录防暴游戏技术博客新闻饲料 拜伦多佛
亚搏网站技术实习生2020年:普通游戏技术和工具/基础设施 https://亚搏亚博论坛;网站technology.roiotgames.com/news/technology-interns-2020- engeneral-game-tech-toolinginfrastruction.

riot 实习程序帮助玩家推动他们的专业和个人发展。这是2020实习生系列中的第二个帖子 - 务必查看第一个帖子 114在https://tec亚搏亚博论坛;网站hnology.riotgames.com 星期二,29月29日10:00:00:00 -0700 É亚博论坛22;搏网页登录防暴游戏技术博客新闻饲料 Sylvia Hua,Kumyl Najeeb,Ken Lu,Chris Benson,Justin Wang,将Keatinge,Robert Tan,夏璇谭,ashwin pathi 亚搏网站技术实习生2020年:传说,TFT和Valorant联盟 https://亚搏亚博论坛;网站www.areyouunderpaid.com/news/technology-interns-2020-league-legends-tft-valorant.

riot 实习程序帮助技术播放器驱动他们的通过将它们嵌入技术团队并使他们有助于令人兴奋的技术项目来实现专业增长。亚搏网站去年我们发布了一些我们的实习生,给读者一个在项目技术实习生上瞥见。我们今年正在进行随访,但有更多的部分来反映我们的新游戏。亚博论坛

有很多实习生很兴奋,为这篇文章做出贡献,今年我们将做一个2部分系列。实习书籍分类分类 - 第一篇文章(这一个)包括所有模糊的传说,TFT,& Valorant 第2篇文章侧重于普通游戏技术和工具/基础设施 113在https://tec亚搏亚博论坛;网站hnology.riotgames.com. 星期二,29月29日10:00:00:00 -0700 É亚博论坛22;搏网页登录防暴游戏技术博客新闻饲料 魏张,菲利克斯郭,悬崖朱,奥塞奥·桑蒙,芦苇张,凯森··汉族,肯森·沃思,肯特·特拉姆拉 Valorant的128刻分服务器 https://亚搏亚博论坛;网站www.areyouunderpaid.com/news/valorants-128-tick-servers.

Hi, I’m Brent “Brentmeister” Randall and I’m an engineer on the Gameplay Integrity team for VALORANT. My team is responsible for VALORANT’s build system, automation framework, game client performance, and server performance. In this article, I’ll be focusing on that last topic - I’ll be telling the technical story behind our search for optimal server performance.

112在https://tec亚搏亚博论坛;网站hnology.riotgames.com 20月31日星期一10:03:01 -0700 É亚博论坛22;搏网页登录防暴游戏技术博客新闻饲料 布伦特兰德
偷看valorant的网码 https://亚搏亚博论坛;网站www.areyouunderpaid.com/news/peeking-valorants-netcode.

We’re Matt deWet, gameplay tech lead on VALORANT, and David Straily, project tech lead on VALORANT - and we're beyond excited to be here with you all to share some of the technical details behind how we’re addressing some common issues in the FPS genre - peeker’s advantage, poor hit registration, and simulation divergence.

111在https://tec亚搏亚博论坛;网站hnology.riotgames.com 星期二,星期二2012年7月28日10:25:38 -0700 É亚博论坛22;搏网页登录防暴游戏技术博客新闻饲料 Matt Devet和David stry
valorant着色器和游戏清晰度 https://亚搏亚博论坛;网站technology.roiotgames.com/news/valorant-shaders-and-gameplay -clarity.

Hi, I’m Brandon “mochi” Wang, a software engineer on VALORANT’s Content Support team. I’m specifically going to focus on shaders, which are an essential part of computer graphics, my area of expertise. Shaders are the programs behind what most people consider a game’s graphics - how a program running on your GPU takes in scene/game data and creates the pixels seen on screen. I’m excited to talk about this because the intersection of engineering, art, and design is a personal passion of mine.

110 https://tec亚搏亚博论坛;网站hnology.riotgames.com. 星期二,30月30日10日10:00:09 -0700 É亚博论坛22;搏网页登录防暴游戏技术博客新闻饲料 布兰登王
深深潜入冲突崩溃 https://亚搏亚博论坛;网站www.areyouunderpaid.com/news/deep-dive-clash-crash.

你好!我的名字是Tomasz Mozolewski,我是我们竞争团队的高级软件工程师。我在这里谈论一个引发了关于联盟技术的大量讨论的活动,并且恰好是所有时间的最令人要求的技术博客主题之一 - 冲突。 109 https://tec亚搏亚博论坛;网站hnology.riotgames.com. 星期二,19月19日10日10:00:46 -0700 É亚博论坛22;搏网页登录防暴游戏技术博客新闻饲料 Tomasz Mozolewski. 拆除Valorant的战争雾的墙壁 https://亚搏亚博论坛;网站www.areyouunderpaid.com/news/demolishing-wallhacks-valorants-fog-war.

Valorant 开发中,我们首要地建立了欺骗性,以确保竞争完整性。在这篇文章中,我会走过这些防骗系统之一 - 战争迷雾。这是 Valorant 的关键安全系统之一,它侧重于打击欺骗游戏客户端访问信息的秘籍,如Wallhacks。 108 https://tec亚搏亚博论坛;网站hnology.riotgames.com. 星期二,4月14日10日10:00:00 -0700 É亚博论坛22;搏网页登录防暴游戏技术博客新闻饲料 保罗张伯特兰 欢迎来到死亡维度 https://亚搏亚博论坛;网站www.areyouunderpaid.com/news/welcome-death-dimension.

Hi, my name is Joshua Parker, and I’m an engineer on our Champions team. I help create the systems that unlock new capabilities for champions in League. Although my work is typically focused on how we build out a new champion, it also means revamping older systems and smashing tech debt along the way to help our engine evolve and allow us to keep creating new exciting experiences for players. In this article, I’ll describe the tech that went into reworking the League champion Mordekaiser.

107在https://tec亚搏亚博论坛;网站hnology.riotgames.com 星期二,31月31日10:00:41 -0700 É亚博论坛22;搏网页登录防暴游戏技术博客新闻饲料 约书亚帕克