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可伸缩性和负载测试for VALORANT

Whenvalorant.was still early in development, we had high hopes that in the future we’d launch with high initial popularity. From the beginning, we prioritized scalability to make sure we could support the number of players we were hoping for. Oncevalorant.entered full production, we began working in earnest on a load test framework to prove out our tech. After many months of work, we successfully ran a load test of two million simulated players against one of our test shards, giving us the confidence we needed for a smooth launch. This article explains how we load tested our platform, and how we tackled the scaling challenges we encountered along the way.

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How Riot Games Uses Slack

I’m Byron Dover, engineering manager for information technology at Riot, and I lead the team responsible for developing enterprise software at Riot - or as we sometimes call it, Riot’s Operating System. I’m excited to share a look at how Riot integrates with Slack to support the game development lifecycle.

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Technology Interns in 2020: League of Legends, TFT, & VALORANT

The Riotinternship programhelps technical players drive their professional growth by embedding them on tech teams and having them contribute to impactful, exciting technology projects. Last year we publishedan article by some of our interns,让读者一瞥项目技术实习生开始工作。我们今年正在进行随访,但有更多的部分来反映我们的新游戏。亚博论坛

有很多实习生兴奋地为这篇文章做出了贡献,即今年我们将在做一个2部分系列。实习书故事分类为类别 - 第一篇文章(这一个)包括所有模糊联盟,传说,TFT,&valorant.,and thexinyabo体育app focuses on一般游戏技术和工具/基础设施.

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Hi, I’m Brent “Brentmeister” Randall and I’m an engineer on the Gameplay Integrity team forvalorant.. My team is responsible forvalorant.’s build system, automation framework, game client performance, and server performance. In this article, I’ll be focusing on that last topic - I’ll be telling the technical story behind our search for optimal server performance. Posted by Brent Randall


We’re Matt deWet, gameplay tech lead onvalorant., and David Straily, project tech lead onvalorant.- 我们兴奋地兴奋地与大家一起分享我们在FPS流派的优势,糟糕登记和模拟发散的情况下对我们如何解决一些常见问题的一些技术细节。

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Hi, I’m Brandon “mochi” Wang, a software engineer on VALORANT’s Content Support team. I’m specifically going to focus on shaders, which are an essential part of computer graphics, my area of expertise. Shaders are the programs behind what most people consider a game’s graphics - how a program running on your GPU takes in scene/game data and creates the pixels seen on screen. I’m excited to talk about this because the intersection of engineering, art, and design is a personal passion of mine.

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Hello! My name is Tomasz Mozolewski, and I’m a senior software engineer on our Competitive team. I’m here to talk about an event that has sparked a lot of discussion aboutLeaguetech, and which happens to be one of the most requested Tech Blog topics of all time - Clash.

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Demolishing Wallhacks with VALORANT's Fog of War

From the very beginning ofvalorant.development, we made it a priority to build out cheating resistance to ensure competitive integrity. In this article, I’ll walk you through one of these anti-cheat systems - Fog of War. This is one ofvalorant.’s key security systems, which focuses on combating cheats that take advantage of a game client’s access to information, like wallhacks.

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Welcome to the Death Dimension

Hi, my name is Joshua Parker, and I’m an engineer on our Champions team. I help create the systems that unlock new capabilities for champions inLeague. Although my work is typically focused on how we build out a new champion, it also means revamping older systems and smashing tech debt along the way to help our engine evolve and allow us to keep creating new exciting experiences for players. In this article, I’ll describe the tech that went into reworking theLeaguechampion Mordekaiser.

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